Titanium coated glass intraoral mirrors

SCL Smartphone and Camera Light

High quality, autoclavable, double-sided, front surface, and hand-finished photographic intra-oral mirrors.


Titanium coating offers a high definition of the reflected image (close to 80%). Provides higher reflectivity than chrome, rhodium, or polished metal mirrors. This means a brighter image that is easier to focus on when taking occlusal and buccal mirror shots. It is also more durable than chromium and rhodium-coated mirrors. 


Front surface coating eliminates the double image/ghosting effect and distortion of second surface mirrors. 


Resistant to repeated sterilizations in an autoclave. However, like with all mirrors, cleaning, sterilization and storage must be done with care in order to preserve and prolong the mirror's efficiency. We recommend storing and autoclaving mirrors in cassettes.
All mirrors are compatible with our light, aluminum handle which helps to keep fingertips out of the photograph. 









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