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Photodent products?


Photodent products are high-quality, durable and eco-friendly premium products that are also incredibly good value for money.  We care for the environment and also for our customers. Therefore a few years ago we replaced plastic retractors with highly durable metal ones; we developed a mobile phone LED light that is not only made using durable metal alloys, but the parts can be replaced if required. The silicone contrasters are also made from a durable metal, which is a bit thicker than from other companies, thus making it more durable. 

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3 New products coming soon


  • Upper lip black metal retractors
  • Cross-polarisation filter for SCL light
  • Mirror heating metal tray


Current distributors:
United Kingdom: UK Dentistry Ltd
web: www.UKdentistry.co.uk
Tel.0044 207 871 0727


Poland: NEVADENT Sp. z o.o
Tel. +48 42 255 55 44
Email: nevadent@nevadent.pl
Web: www.nevadent.pl

Spain: Proclinic SAU
Email: proclinic@proclinic.es
Web: www.proclinic.es

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If you would like to be a distributor of Photodent products in your country, please use the contact form and send us information about the company you represent as well as the products you would like to be a distributor of.


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