Black metal cheek retractors


Black cheek retractors

It took us 6 months of development and research to achieve a corrosion-resistant and bio-compatible black coating, which is fully autoclavable. 


Double-ended metal cheek retractor with a smooth black finish. Guaranteed to withstand 100+ autoclaving sessions. Ideal for intra-oral photography, oral or laser surgery.


These retractors are made from non-magnetic medical grade stainless steel and coloured using a special method of coating which ensures a long-lasting black colour and also makes a more pleasant feel for a patient.


Corrosion-resistant and bio-compatible.   


Various versions available:

- Double-ended with V-shape end for better visibility of the molars and C-shape ideal for frontal views. Particularly useful for ortho,
- Double C-shape, with a small and a large end

- Columbia lip retractor, with a small and a large end
- Half cut upper lip retractors
- Upper lip retractors (coming soon)




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